About Amber

Dr. Amber Tabares is a licensed psychologist in Seattle, Washington (#PY60084158). She has a doctorate degree from the University of Washington in Developmental Psychology with specializations in relationships across the lifespan and adolescent development.

Dr. Tabares has extensive research experience in the areas of couples’ communication, and parent-child communication. Amber spent over a decade involved in observational research of couples, working with Dr. John Gottman, a leader in the fields of child development and marital research. This work focused on learning about couples’ patterns of communication and emotional expression that predict longterm success in marriage. Through this work she has been featured in Blink by Malcom Gladwell and appeared in Newsweek magazine.

Dr. Tabares has also written and contributed to several book chapters and journal articles in the areas of couples’ relationships and communication.

Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Tabares has had the privilege of conducting therapy with Latino immigrant youth in multiple mental health centers assisting in clients’ acculturation processes. Amber has worked with Teen Link, part of the King County Crisis clinic and conducted youth suicide prevention presentations in Puget Sound-area schools.

At the university level, Dr. Tabares developed and coordinated the suicide prevention program at the University of Washington Tacoma in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Health. She has worked at student counseling centers and taught college and university courses in introductory psychology and child and adolescent psychopathology. She has been a guest lecturer at various universities on the topics of adolescent development, child and adolescent disorders, adolescent relationships, suicide prevention, stress management, adult marital relationships, marital interventions, and observational research methods for couples.