My work with couples has developed from assessment techniques learned through the study of couples with renowned marital researcher and therapist, Dr. John Gottman. I also incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy for couples and techniques from emotion-focused therapy. I feel it is important for couples to re-examine positive aspects of their relationships as well as learn to develop or re-develop friendship and trust within their marriage.

Couples therapy is hard work. I know that it can be daunting to put your self in the position of possibly hearing things from your partner that you don’t want to hear, or having to say things to your partner that you are afraid to say. It takes courage, but I will be there to help you through it during our sessions.

In couples therapy we will spend the first two to three sessions discussing the history of your relationship, your background, and your reasons for coming to therapy. At the third or fourth session, I will meet with each of you individually to learn more about your individual backgrounds. It is important for us to build a portrait of your relationship in order for me to have as much context as possible to understand your particular concerns.

At the end of these sessions we will mutually decide whether we will be a good fit for working together. If we are a good fit, we will develop a course of treatment, including goals for therapy. If we are not the best fit for working together, we will discuss what would be a better fit for you and I will work with you to give you suitable referrals.

I currently do not have openings for couples therapy unless you and your partner have already completed a Couples Communication Check-up or if you have been referred to my practice. Please contact me with any questions regarding appointments or referrals.